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     At Buck-N-Duck, you can always rely on us to be there when you need us. You can trust us with your sons first buck or with that monster trout you've been after for years.  Over the years, while the others come and go, were always there, ready to preserve that once-in-a-lifetime moment forever. Give us a call or come by anytime! We can also ship your trophy anywhere in the US.  
  Shoulder Mounts  
Shoulder mounts are the most typical trophy to show off your hunt. Many native and exotic animals are available as shoulder mounts.  
  European Horn and Skull Mounts
  A smaller, more affordable option for showing off your trophy - Boars, Sheep, Bobcats, and Horned animals all look great as European Mounts.
  Diorama Mounts and Rugs
Let's show off the full animal! How about filling a corner of your house with a life-size animal. Or, putting your coffee table on a rug made from your kill.  
  Are you a bird hunter wanting to show off that beautiful pheasant, turkey, or duck that you just got? Let us turn your great shot into a work of art.  
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